CSR themes

Main topics and areas of the corporate responsibility concept were being complemented and specified over decades. Reflecting public demands and expectations for a specific period of time, these issues are subject to changes in line with changing of public interests and needs.

Such topics as relations with employees/labor standards and fair business activities became especially relevant about a century ago. Other topics, such as human rights, environment protection, fighting the corruption, customer rights protection, etc. were being added to the CSR scope gradually – in line with increased importance of these issues. Possibly, there could be other topics that might become important in the future and might be added to corporate responsibility dimensions.

This web-site represents modern vision on corporate responsibility that are in line with the main international standards.

At the same time, various sources group the main themes of corporate responsibility in different ways. However, the most common categorizations are: four-member grouping of CSR aspects by impact / activity area  - Workplace, Marketplace, Environment, Community. 

Often times, a three-member division by three main areas of sustainable development - social, environmental, economic – is also offered. 

As already stated, all these classifications represent different ways of categorization of the CSR main issues.