The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG): About Us

CSRDG is one of the oldest civil society organization in Georgia with more than 26 years’ experience of successful work in the civil sector

The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) is a civil society organization which seeks to promote good governance, sustainable inclusive economic growth and active citizenship for improved quality of life.

Basic facts


Founded in 1995


Head office in Tbilisi and regional office in Telavi


CSRDG carries out its activities throughout Georgia at national, as well as at the local/grassroot level


At present there are 35 professionals working at CSRDG

Our History


In 1995, Georgian public was almost totally unaware of the concept of civil society organizations. However, it was believed to be aform to carry out activities benefiting the public. In 1995, with this idea in our minds, we decided to found the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG).

Since the very first day, our team has been oriented on results that will bringpositive changes to individuals as well as the entire society.

Due to many years of hard and successful work, we have acquired the reputation of a strong research and expert organization, a reliable partner and an organization engaged in public development-oriented activities.

Core Programs

Civil Society Development
Community Development
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Services Development
Promoting Social Entrepreneurship
Protection of the Consumers’ Rights
Promoting EU integration and monitoring implementation of EU-Georgia association agreement

CSRDG expertise in CSR and sustainability

Promoting CSR development in Georgia is one of the strategic directions for CSRDG since 2004. CSRDG was one of the first local organizations to start working in this area

Since 2004, the Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) has been implementing Program for Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility. Being a local pioneer to start activities in this area, CSRDG very soon became one of the leading expert organizations in the sphere of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The program goal is to raise awareness in Georgia on corporate social responsibility, promote responsible business activities, and develop cross-sectoral cooperation

For this reason, we actively cooperate with all sectors, local and international organizations.

International membership

UN Global Compact participant since 2007
Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) community member since 2010
Global Pro Bono Network member since 2016

Our Strategy for promoting CSR in Georgia

Our strategy for promoting CSR development in Georgia encompasses work with several key actors.

On the one hand we work with business companies to provide knowledge and increase their understanding of the concept and benefits of CSR, thus promoting responsible business conduct; on the other hand, we work with all sectors of society to foster creation of enabling environment for corporate social responsibility.

Thus, our strategy for CSR promotion is focused on several directions:

We work with businesses

large companies as well as SMEs to provide expertise and help them integrate social and environmental concerns into their mainstream business operations

We work with media

to foster more active and professional coverage of CSR and sustainability issues

We work with government

to promote development of CSR enabling public policy and relevant institutional framework

We work with CSOs

to enhance their capacity to initiate and implement partnership projects with corporate sector and promote cross-sector cooperation

We work with society at large

informing and raising awareness to create legitimate expectations and demand for responsible business conduct.

We pay special attention to working with youth

in order to promote proper understanding of CSR and sustainability in future generations.

Our activities, main achievements and impact

  • In 2018, CSRDG founded Georgia’s Responsible Business Awards Meliora - one of the leading and largest annual nationwide sustainability events in the country

  • In 2018, we founded CSR media contest - Georgian Journalists for Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSRDG organized several youth contests on CSR

CSRDG carries out regular educational events on corporate social responsibility. In cooperation with leading international experts, we have organized and held numerous trainings, workshops, summer schools and public lectures on CSR for various target groups – companies, journalists, civil society organizations, representatives of local and national authorities.

To promote CSR dialogue, CSRDG has held several large scale multi stakeholder forums on such issues as: CSR and public policy, Sustainability Reporting, Cross-sectoral partnership, CSR and labor standards, Environmental responsibility, Sustainable constructions, etc.

To provide knowledge and information to the public, we have developed several online platforms:

We have carried our many communication campaigns aimed at CSR popularization in Georgia and raising awareness on the issue.

  • In 2011, together with four Georgian universities, CSRDG signed a Memorandum of Understanding on promoting integration of CSR in tertiary education in Georgia

  • CSRDG expert wrote and published the first Georgian-language handbook on corporate social responsibility, intended for Universities and educational facilities in Georgia (2011)

  • In 2011, CSRDG expert developed a CSR syllabus and initiated introduction of CSR class at the Caucasus University – since then, the course has been taught at the Caucasus School of Business

  • CSRDG experts regularly deliver public lectures on corporate social responsibility to students of Tbilisi and regional Universities.

  • By holding a series of meetings and workshops involving representatives of various sectors and experts, in 2011-2012, CSRDG initiated discussions on State policy for CSR development in Georgia.

  • In 2012, CSRDG prepared a comprehensive analytical research – Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of the Public Sector – and provided recommendations for the Georgian Government on the development of CSR supporting policies

  • CSRDG has held multy-Stakeholder forums and masterclasses on issues related to State policies to promote CSR development in Georgia (2012-2019).

Since 2008, CSRDG has been working on the introduction of sustainability reporting practices in Georgia:

  • CSRDG was the first local organization to have published its Sustainability Report in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) international reporting format in 2009

  • CSRDG prepared and published Georgian translation of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Guidelines and Indicator Protocols (2008)

  • In cooperation with GRI experts and other international experts, CSDRG has held numerous events – trainings, forums, and workshops on sustainability reporting topics.

  • CSRDG offers consultancy assistance to companies to help them prepare their Sustainability reports in GRI format.

  • In 2015, CSRDG initiated to found Georgian Pro Bono Network which unites leading Georgian companies, and has since been coordinating the Network’s activities.

  • Since 2015, CSRDG is carrying Pro Bono Mediation Initiative, matching pro bono provider responsible companies with beneficiary civil society organizations.

  • Since 2015, as a result of Pro Bono programs mediated by CSRDG, about 200 problems of civil society organizations have been resolved.

CSRDG’s team of experts offer diverse consultancy assistance to businesses on various issues of corporate social responsibility (preparation of CSR report, development of CSR strategy, etc).

Our Publications in the Sphere of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Large Businesses in Tbilisi and Corporate Social Responsibility - Attitudes and Practices,  Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia , Tbilisi, 2007

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Georgian translation of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Reporting Guidelines, Tbilisi, 2007

Georgian translation of the handbook "Making the Connection" (The GRI Guidelines and UNGC Communication on Progress) (2008)

Lela Khoperia, Corporate Social Responsibility Handbook, Tbilisi, 2012

“The Role of Government and public policies in promoting Corporate Social responsibility – analytical overview of CSR supporting state policies internationally and recommendations to Georgian Government” , Tbilisi, 2012

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